Dung Mafia


On the African savannah, a strange relationship is in play. The biggest land mammal on Earth has struck a deal with one of the smallest, and it’s a complex contract that reads like a Mafia drama.

Throughout the day, huge herbivores dump hefty payloads of feces onto the ground, and as it drops, two family empires mobilize to stake their claims! It’s a dog eat dog world behind the elephant’s feet - as two Dung beetle businesses prepare to fight for the prize. This is a microcosm of a free-market economy. A world of supply and demand, of profit and loss, of empires, and failed start-ups.

The largest land mammal is actually a factory for a cut-throat work-force below. Each behemoth supplies the grasslands with tons of daily dung. As a fresh piledrops, two families splutter into action. Dung beetles rule the Dung Mafia, and their world is divided. The Diggers and the Rollers compete for the poo - A Montague/Capulet rivalry of dung processing.

Diggers emerge from below, Rollers approach over ground. But the families differ in their approach, and ultimately their success. Diggers are brainy, co-operative and productive, Rollers are all brawn and bravado. While the Diggers are street-smart and successful, pulling together like any successful mafia family, the Rollers fall victim to in-fighting, competition and cut-throat battles to get their hands on the valuable merchandise – dung.

Both families are after the same prize, but one will only survive if they win the mafia war. Their future generation depends on it.


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